Reseller Services

To Become a Reseller

For as little as £395 for your own fully branded text messaging web portal you can become a Meercat reseller.

Included in our reseller package free of charge:

1st inbound shortcode keyword.
Your own client account.
You own client account sender ID for all outbound messages.

Reseller Services

Web Portal

The Meercat web portal has been developed solely for you as a telecoms reseller or large establishment to provide SMS texting capabilities to your clients. The product scales from a single user, right through to largest of user bases containing thousands of users.

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Its sophisticated administration facilities allow you to configure and control an unlimited number of your clients and their users. The multi tier interface allows you to hand off administration of the client functions to local administrators. Of course it can all be branded with your own colours and Logo without any loss of identity.

Billing couldn’t be simpler…
  •  No pre-purchase of messages or services is required.
  •  You only pay for what you or your clients use.
  •  You are billed monthly in arrears.
  •  Our comprehensive billing platform can summarise use of the site per client and even down to a single user.
  •  Call data records can be provided for your own billing platform if required.

Key Administration Functions

You can...
  •  Create an unlimited number of clients and configure the SenderID your client’s messages are sent out with.
  •  Create client administrator accounts to allow your clients to:
    •  Create unlimited system users.
    •  Import and create a global address book.
    •  Create global templates.
    •  Create global groups of contacts.
System Users can...
  •  Send and receive text messages via the simple web interface.
  •  Queue messages for future dates and times.
  •  Create their own personal address book.
  •  Create personal templates and groups.
All of the site features are under your control through the simple web interface.

There is no other product in the marketplace today, for telecoms resellers and large organisations, that is as comprehensive and sophisticated as the Meercat Web Portal.

PinPoint - Mobile phone tracking service

Meercat have linked up with Ordnance Survey to be able to track the mobile phones in your organisation.

This has been fully integrated into our SMS web portal service.

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Why would you want to do this?
  •  Protect your lone workers.
  •  Know where your business continuity. personnel are for emergencies.
  •  Audit/track personnel that are mobile.
  •  Trace missing phones.

How does it work?
  •  Meercat configures tracking capability on your website.
  •  Each phone downloads a small software component that is allocated a registration number by the department administrator.
  •  The administrator configures users to be able to track the designated phones.
  •  The current location is displayed.
  •  A history of the phone location is recorded and can be recalled.

  •  Alerting when a pinpoint being tracked doesn’t report in for a specified period of time.
    •  Highlighted on screen.
    •  Email and/or SMS notification.
  •  Track different groups of personnel with different coloured icons being displayed on the map.

What does it cost?
  •  License £25.00 per month.
  •  Each phone £2.00 per month.
  •  Unlimited phones.
  •  Unlimited departments.
  •  This is the most cost effective tracking service on the market.

Additional Information
  •  Locations are recorded and can be transmitted via Email to administrators on a nightly basis as required as a spreadsheet.
  •  Accuracy can be within 10 metres, but is dependent on phone, satellites and cell locations.
  •  Recording of location can be as low as every 2 minutes if desired.